What To Do After a Car Accident

Auto accidents are an unfortunate but real possibility when you are traveling in a vehicle as either a driver or passenger. One of the primary causes of auto accidents is distracted driving. A distraction is anything that causes a driver to lose focus and fail to be acutely attentive to his or her surroundings while operating a vehicle.

Auto accidents can vary in severity from those where little to no property damage is sustained to those where a vehicle is deemed a total loss. More importantly, auto accidents can result in little to no injury to vehicle occupants but can also result in serious injury or even death.

What Do I Do After a Car Accident?

Your health and safety is most important after a Car Accident.

If necessary, go to the emergency room or urgent care and be sure to follow-up with your regular doctor. You should bill all treatment through your regular health insurance, if you are covered. Some doctors will agree to provide treatment and wait to be paid from a settlement.

Pay Attention to Details that Can Help You Remember How The Car Accident Happened and Who is at Fault

Try to find out who was responsible for causing the accident or injury. You should call the police and request that a report be made. If the police decide not to investigate, you should at least obtain the contact information for everyone involved and their insurance companies, as well as the names and contact information of any witnesses. If possible, and if you can do so safely, it is also wise to take pictures of the cars and the road with your cell phone.

Call a Personal Injury Lawyer Soon

The moments following an accident are critical. After making sure that you’ve taken care of yourself and reported the accident to authorities, it is very important to contact a lawyer as soon as possible. Although not every accident warrants the hiring of a lawyer, it is best to make that decision after a free consultation.

More importantly, never discuss your claim with the insurance company for the other driver before seeking legal advice.

Auto Accident Lawyer in Phoenix, AZ

If the claim can be handled on your own, Saddler Law Firm will advise you of that fact. However, if representation is in your best interest, we will be there to start work on our claim immediately.